Online Courses – Learn Spanish & Resilience Today for Work & Play

Easily learn and understand Spanish language and culture with My Chat Company’s interactive and engaging online Spanish courses. We focus on conversational real-life situations, which makes learning Spanish practical, accessible and fun for people of all ages and experience levels. Our resilience training includes ideas to “Relax with Me from A to Z.”

Available Online Courses

We currently offer Spanish & Resilience courses with ebooks, videos and activities for individuals and groups.

These independent online courses can start anytime.

Spanish Chatbook 1

Beginning Spanish includes 6 lessons with 75 conversational phrases & cultural activities.

Spanish Chatbook 2

Our second level of Spanish allows you to ask & answer questions and use verbs in both present & past tense to make your own conversations.


Would you like to build upon your Spanish language foundation?  This course will help you to practice and refine accent marks and all those picky details that will enhance your Spanish language ability.

Culinary Spanish Chatbook

Ten interactive lessons focus on real life culinary situations, giving you easy ways to expand your communications abilities.

Elementary Mindfocus Zone

Learning to be in your Mindfocus Zone helps you to relax, manage stress and enjoy life.

Elementary Spanish Chatbook

Engaging songs, games, ebooks & activities for elementary students to learn Spanish and develop literacy skills in both languages. Click on the words “clickable classroom” to see the buttons for the activities that are listed when you “expand all.”

Preschool Spanish

Engaging songs, games, ebooks & activities for preschool students to learn Spanish and develop literacy skills in both languages. Click on the words “clickable classroom” to see the buttons for the activities that are listed when you “expand all.”

Adventures with Julie – Colombia y Panamá

Aventuras con Julia Weekly email with links to videos with native speakers, handouts, downloadable transcripts, and online activities. Ten minutes of Spanish experience directly into your inbox every Tuesday. Week 1 – FUN FACTS – Interview video & a “Passport” handout with Q&A. Choice of English & Spanish. Week 2 – FOOD – Cooking show […]

Enjoy learning with comprehensible content that connects cultures.

My Chat Company offers online courses for kids and adults with more than 100 conversational Spanish phrases and activities.

  • Word searches, games and crossword puzzles
  • Pronunciation guide for each Spanish phrase
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Conversational role plays
  • Song videos
  • Cultural tidbits to help promote understanding
  • Cooking show videos
  • Online instructional videos
  • Online matching, spelling, interactive maps
  • And more…

Learn on Your Own

My Chat Company online courses were designed specifically for busy people who need to work at their own pace. Each lesson is loaded with engaging activities that encourage everyone to communicate in Spanish starting from the first page.

Man taking adult Spanish course online
My Chat Company has customized Spanish Lessons for Business Professionals

Customized Group Training

Facilitated on-site Spanish lessons for any business, corporation or group

Our quality learning materials are great for executives, customer service representatives, healthcare workers, restaurant staff, managers and more. Contact us to schedule group training sessions for your business.

Teacher Resources

Our quality learning materials are great for elementary classes, private tutoring, home school curriculum, camps and after-school classes. Enhance any classroom with engaging songs, games and videos by enrolling yourself in the course to start using the ebooks and online activities in your classroom. Contact us if you would like individual access for your students.

My Chat Company Provides Teacher Resources for Spanish Lessons