My Chat Company Spanish Lesson Resources for Business Professionals

Spanish Lessons & Training for Businesses

My Chat Company has helped many companies save both time and money by providing practical ways to learn Spanish. These proven phrases and activities are great tools for training classes, lunch study groups, or your own professional development.

  • Acquire skills that help you connect with Spanish speakers
  • Communicate directly with colleagues, clients and employees „„
  • Excel in the global marketplace „„
  • Minimize translation costs „„
  • Break down cultural and communication barriers

“The practical and enjoyable lessons were designed to teach our employees to communicate with our Spanish-speaking customers. We learned the language, plus important cultural facts about Spanish-speaking countries.”

Pat Tooles, Corporate Performance Omaha Public Power District

Business Professionals taking an adult Spanish course

Customized Group Training

Facilitated Spanish lessons for any business, corporation or group

Our quality learning materials are great for executives, customer service representatives, healthcare workers, restaurant staff, managers and more. The Spanish curriculum was developed by “Maestra Julia” Pospishil, a Spanish teacher with a Master’s in Education specializing in language acquisition.

How It Works

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs
  2. We’ll schedule your customized Spanish lessons
  3. Start seeing the benefits of knowing conversational Spanish!

We currently offer four courses with ebooks, videos and activities for individuals and groups. Optional conversational workbooks are also available.

Spanish Chatbook 1

Beginning Spanish includes 6 lessons with 75 conversational phrases & cultural activities.

Spanish Chatbook 2

Our second level of Spanish allows you to ask & answer questions and use verbs in both present & past tense to make your own conversations.


Would you like to build upon your Spanish language foundation?  This course will help you to practice and refine accent marks and all those picky details that will enhance your Spanish language ability.

Culinary Spanish Chatbook

Ten interactive lessons focus on real life culinary situations, giving you easy ways to expand your communications abilities.

Enjoy learning with comprehensible content that connects cultures.

My Chat Company Spanish courses for adults have more than 100 conversational Spanish phrases and activities. Six interactive lessons focus on real-life situations making it easy to understand Spanish language and culture.

  • Word searches, games and crossword puzzles
  • Pronunciation guide for each Spanish phrase
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Conversational role plays
  • Cultural tidbits to help promote understanding
  • Online instructional videos
  • Online activities with matching, spelling, interactive maps
  • And more…

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