Business Spanish Chatbook with CD

Business Spanish Chatbook with CD


This is a physical copy of the Business Spanish Chatbook with a CD. It does not include any online options.


Finally a Business Spanish Chatbook customer service Spanish workbook with CD that is relevant to the business world!

  • Have you always wanted to learn customer service Spanish?
  • Do you need to converse in Spanish with customers and employees?

Spanish Chat Company is proud to present an innovative way to quickly learn about the language and culture. Ten useful lessons in this Business Spanish Chatbook for customer service Spanish focus on real-life business situations, giving you easy ways to expand your communication abilities.
Business Spanish Chatbook for customer service Spanish was developed by two veteran Spanish teachers to save companies both time and money giving you practical ways to:

  • Communicate directly with colleagues, clients and employees
  • Excel in the global marketplace
  • Minimize translation costs
  • Break down cultural and communication barriers

These proven Business Spanish Chatbook customer service Spanish workbook with CD includes Spanish phrases and activities that are great tools for training classes, lunch study groups, or your own professional development. The lessons were designed specifically for today’s busy professionals.

Use Our Business Spanish Chatbook CD For Customer Service Spanish!

Business Spanish Chatbook CD will help you learn customer service Spanish. Learn Business Spanish pronunciation quickly and easily.

Need a native speaker to pronounce the phrases?
Wish you could practice in the car or while exercising?
Would you like to reinforce what you’ve learned?
Want to hear these Spanish words pronounced correctly?

Enjoy listening to these 180 useful customer service phrases and conversational role plays designed specifically for business professionals. To improve your pronunciation and follow along with the written guide, purchase the Business Spanish Chatbook. Each time you see the Audio symbol in the book, you will be able to follow along to improve your Spanish skills. Native speakers pronounce the Spanish phrases, allow time for you to repeat them, and act out each of the conversational role plays. Listen to these 180 phrases and typical business conversations while driving, working, or exercising. Pair the book and Audio together to maximize your learning experience!

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