Elementary English Chatbook with CD

Elementary English Chatbook with CD


This is a physical copy of the Elementary English Chatbook with a CD designed for kids. It does not include any online options and does not have any Spanish- only English.


Would you like to have fun while learning?

Would you like to practice English together as a family? Are you planning a trip in the U.S.A? Do you need a curriculum for tutoring or for an ELL class? Spanish Chat Company is proud to present a fun way for Elementary students to learn. Ten interactive lessons focus on real-life situations making learning fun for children of all ages.
The Elementary English Chatbook was developed by Julie Jahde Pospishil, an Elementary Spanish teacher with a Master’s in Education specializing in language acquisition. This book has more than 100 conversational English phrases and activities that are great tools for elementary classes, ELL students, private tutoring, home school curriculum, camps and after-school classes. The lessons were designed specifically for busy people with activities that encourage parents to learn along with their children. Start communicating in English immediately with the Elementary English Chatbook conversational workbook featuring:
Over 100 kid-friendly English phrases covering numbers, sports, food, birthdays, colors, clothing, family, classroom objects and more
Flashcards, songs, crafts and games
Maps of 9 different regions of the U.S.A. with typical recipes

This book features: 100+ vocabulary cartoons to color
72 + flashcards
20 exciting games to practice
the curriculum
10 easy regional recipes to cook together (even in a classroom)
10 maps with regions of the U.S.A.
3 mini-books
10 songs with a optional audio files
20 U.S.A. regional craft activities
10 projects to extend the learning

Are you looking for an Elementary English Chatbook CD Music For Kids?

We have English music for children that the whole family will enjoy Our Elementary Englishh Chatbook CD has conversational English songs about greetings, family, numbers, calendar, food, weather and many more.

  • Wish you could have music for children to sing along in the car or at home?
  • Would you like to reinforce what concepts for children you’ve learned in Spanish classes?
  • Want to hear English music for Children with tunes the whole family will enjoy?

Elementary English Chatbook CD Music For Kids has over 100 conversational vocabulary words and phases embedded in the upbeat songs. Sing-along during the 10 English music for children songs that are designed specifically for kids. Purchase our Englishh music for children now to improve pronunciation and learn English through fun songs and activities. Each time you see the Audio symbol Elementary Spanish Chatbook, you will be able to sing along to improve your English skills. Pair the book andEnglish music for children together along with our Spanish Chatshow movies to maximize your learning experience!

The Chatbook activities combine lessons on language, history and culture, all wrapped up in an energetic, dynamic presentation. As a principal at a Dual Language school, I have found the Chatbook classes have helped me communicate more effectively with my students and families. Julie makes learning interesting, engaging and fun! I highly recommend Chatbooks for everyone!
– Marjorie Schmid, Principal,
Crestridge Elementary International Studies & Dual Language Magnet Center
“It’s just so much fun!! It is awesome! We get to make fun art and try new foods!”
– Connor, 4th grade
“Julie’s Chatbook activities have made learning fun for my daughter. She is able to teach the children not just the language, but much about the different cultures as well!”
– Maria Michaelis, M.D.
Mother of Elementary Student

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